Thursday, January 8, 2009

People's Choice Awards

In case anyone actually cares (hint: if you do, you shouldn't), the Nielsen Ratings slut, The People's Choice Awards, has once again plagued American airwaves. See the losers winners here. The Dark Knight swept up all major categories, exercising its blockbuster prowess in true Hollywood fashion.

Other notable awards include the Favorite Game Show award which was given to Deal or No Deal--the show to watch if you aren't Smarter Than a Fifth Grader and can't spell Jeopardy correctly.

Barackroll won Favorite User Generated Video. If you haven't seen the video, I recommend you check it out. But that is about all you should take from the PCAs. Avoid pretty much all of the TV shows (Two and a Half Men) and movies (27 Dresses) that won awards here: they are invariably terrible (with the exception of The Dark Knight which was slightly better than terrible).


steven said...

i enjoy reading your film reviews. i wish i wasnt so cheap as to not even see these films. the academy awards will mean nothing to me.

Mitch said...

Thanks, Steven! I got a gift card for Marcus Theatres for Christmas...that's paying for some of the movies :)