Saturday, December 27, 2008

Man Shot for Talking During Benjamin Button

/Film reports that a man was shot for talking during a movie in south Philadelphia. Here's a quick synopsis of what happened:

A man was watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (I will post my review of the film soon) and after politely asking the family in front of him to be quiet during the screening, pulled out a .380 Kel-Tec and shot the father in the arm. Don't worry, he's fine. The police came soon and arrested the moviegoer for attempted murder (among other charges) and he wasn't allowed to finish the 159 minute film. I hope he at least got a refund! I do think that shooting a guy was a slight overreaction, and I'm glad that he is okay, but people need to realize that talking should not be allowed during a film.

During the screening of Benjamin Button that I attended, a girl answered her phone in the middle of the movie. She answered her fucking phone. She answered her fucking phone! She answered her fucking phone! Immediately I turned around and blasted her head off with my sawed-off. Ok. I don't have a gun, and being quite the pacifist, I would never harm another living thing. But I did give her a really nasty stare for about 30 seconds and she eventually ended the call. I am not sure if she took another call or was texting for the rest of the film as she was (thankfully) quite a few seats away from me.

But seriously, who ANSWERS THEIR PHONE DURING A MOVIE? I don't even understand why someone would text during a film that they paid $9 to attend. Even texting is extremely disruptive to other viewers. Let this be a warning to moviegoers everywhere. Don't talk, don't text, be respectful of the film and other viewers, and for goodness sake, don't answer your fucking phone.

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